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New York Fine Art Prints on Canvas

New York Fine Art Prints on Canvas

At nyArt.com, all of our prints can be purchased in many different styles. One of the best options is a canvas print. While every situation is different, canvas prints should always be considered for their attractive look and light weight.

Here, we’ll answer some questions about fine art canvas prints, including: how they’re made, why people love them and what to think about when making your decision.

What is a Canvas Print

A canvas print is a reproduction of a work of art. An inkjet printer is used to print the image directly on canvas material. At the end of the process, you have an image on a canvas, a favorite material in the art world.

Another popular form of printing is on paper. This paper print can then be framed or attached to a backer board of some kind — like a bamboo block. Because they often need a matte, glass and frame, fine art prints on paper can become heavy and expensive.

Sometimes, a simple paper print behind glass is the less imposing presence you want. But often, you want artwork reproductions to be printed on a canvas, and there are few common reasons why people choose this option.

Why People Love Canvas Prints

Perhaps the biggest reason people choose canvas prints is their impressive presentation. They look and feel the way we expect paintings to, which helps lend them an air of authenticity. It’s especially appealing when the print is a reproduction of a painting, although they can look great for photographs, too.

New York fine art prints on canvas

That added presence and texture makes itself felt on larger format prints — there’s nothing like a large canvas print as the centerpiece for a room.

Another great reason to choose canvas prints is that you can display them without protective glass, meaning no glare over your artwork. Similar to paintings, they are also easier to hang and move around when you want to rearrange.

To frame or not to frame, that is the question. For canvas prints, you have the option to traditionally frame, use a sleek wood floater frame or skip it altogether.

When to Choose a Canvas Print

Canvas prints are a great option if you value their texture and ease of hanging. But there are other features to consider. Canvas prints are great for:

  • prints of paintings;
  • large format prints;
  • prints that will be hung in humid places;
  • prints that you don’t want to frame;
  • prints that you want to frame later;
  • prints that are light and easy to move around.

But there are other times where printing on paper is better. Canvas prints might not be the way to go if you want:

  • a large matte (great for emphasizing color);
  • high detail fine art photography prints;
  • a print that hangs tightly to the wall.

Premium Suede Mats

Our unique suede surface mats are a luxurious way to finish out your prints on canvas. Our mats have four ply, acid-free construction, protecting your artwork and lasting right along with it.

New York fine art prints on canvas matted

There are many clear benefits to matting your prints in general:

  • creates an attractive addition to the frame;
  • protects the print from direct contact with the glass;
  • emphasizes colors in the print and in surrounding decor.

Our premium suede mats do all this with a couture touch — exactly what fine art prints of the most iconic, romantic views of New York City deserve.

When a print on canvas is combined with our premium suede mat, you have the beauty of New York Art in vivid color, precise detail and attractive presentation.

Putting It All Together

As you can see, there is no one-print-fits-all approach, that’s why nyArt.com gives you so many options. Every room — even every wall — has different needs, and canvas prints give you a great choice for your fine art.

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