New York Artworks Printed Directly on Metal

New York artworks printed on metal

Many art lovers are always seeking out the new and interesting, the avant-garde. Often, this comes down to finding experimental artwork with that unique twist. But it can also involve finding breakthroughs in the way to present art.

Enter: New York fine art prints directly on metal. also has New York artworks mounted on aluminum — but in this article we are talking about reproductions printed directly on the metal itself.

These are the next big thing in prints, using an advanced process that turns inks into gases that are absorbed in the metal surface (more on that below).

There are many benefits to fine art prints directly on metal:

  • easy to clean (yes — you can clean with bleach or ammonia);
  • water resistant;
  • flame/heat resistant;
  • incredibly sleek profile;
  • interesting look.

For these reasons and more, prints directly on metal are quickly becoming a favorite among art collectors.

New York artworks printed directly on metal
Advanced Printing Process

To print high quality art reproductions directly on metal requires state-of-the-art facilities. It starts with an Epson F6200 dye-sublimation printer that applies special dyes directly onto a sheet of 0.045” Chromaluxe metal.

The sheet of metal is then put through a heat press, which evaporates the dyes into gas. And as the Chromaluxe cools, the dyes reform as solids that are now infused into the surface of the metal.

This creates a long-lasting print with a metal finish. Because the dyes are embedded into the metal, these prints can be cleaned using bleach, ammonia, and any other common cleaning product without damaging the image.

These prints can also be placed in humid areas, like bathrooms, without wrinkling, and they are highly resistant to water damage. Likewise, the image can withstand incredibly high temperatures and fire.

That’s amazing durability for a print — but it also looks great. The metallic finish creates a one-of-a-kind product that will get people talking.

Every print comes with a full aluminum sub-frame with french cleat hanging, with all hardware provided. Along with the thin Chromaluxe sheet, the image floats only ¾” off the wall.

New York artworks printed directly on metal, back view

Disclaimer: The special coating on the Chromaluxe prints can at times show subtle imperfections which at regular viewing distance would typically not be seen. We do everything we can to avoid obviously imperfect metal particularly when it can't be hidden within the image. Please note we can't redo metal prints based on subtle imperfections.

Direct to Metal Prints for New York Art

Whether you love watercolors, oil paintings, digital paintings, black-and-white photography, or color photography — we have the perfect work of art for you. And now, most of our wide selection of fine art featuring New York City is available in this special presentation.

If you want your next purchase from printed directly on metal, select Direct print on metal under Print type when ordering. You’ll experience great image quality on an interesting metal surface with this cutting-edge process.

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