New York Artworks Mounted on Wood

New York artworks mounted on wood

When you buy a print of New York based artwork that you love, it deserves the right presentation. It’s all about bringing the perfect mounting option together with premium art reproduction.

A favorite choice for mounting prints is wood. As with many of our mounting options, wood backing does not require framing or glass. And while somewhat thicker than aluminum backing, wood still allows a fairly slim profile.

But what really makes this a beloved backing material for fine art prints is its natural, warm look. With the subtle complexity of woodgrain and the brown to blonde colors, these present the art in an attractive way that fits in many interiors.

There are many reasons to choose wood mounting, including:

  • environmentally friendly, renewable materials;
  • naturally occurring, handsome woodgrain;
  • lightweight.

And at, we provide two different wood mounts: bamboo and birch.

Both have similar benefits, but each has its own distinctive presence on the wall. Let’s look at both more closely.

Handsome Wood Mounting in Two Tones

These prints all begin with metallic paper. This is a premium printing substrate that provides a clean, glossy finish — getting the most color depth and gamut possible.

This metallic paper print is then attached to a ¾” wood panel (bamboo or white birch), allowing the print to have all the benefits of archival quality paper and inks of a regular print with the stability and ready-to-hang simplicity of a light mounting material. Once the print is mounted to either a bamboo or birch panel, it is then sealed in a laminate.

New York artworks mounted on bamboo, back view

Every print has a kiln dried douglas fir wood and hanging wire attached, with a drywall hook included — meaning you can hang them as soon as they arrive.


This fast-growing, highly renewable material makes an impressive wood mount for your fine art prints. With four times the dimensional stability of oak at a fraction of the weight, bamboo is a great choice.

The bamboo mounting is put together into a gorgeous pattern, sanded, and stained for an appealing finish.

These handcrafted backers create visual interest all their own, while still providing you the protection worthy of your fine art print.

New York artworks mounted on bamboo

Another environmentally friendly option, our white birch panels provide similar levels of stability for your print as bamboo. Though a bit heavier, they are also less expensive, making them a smart deal for many buyers.

Our white birch panels are handcrafted, sanded, and stained — bringing out all of the natural beauty in the wood.

The pale-blonde finish matches well with clean, white spaces and cozy, plant-filled rooms.

New York artworks mounted on birch

We Love Bamboo and Birch Mounted Prints

Both bamboo and birch mounted prints add that little extra flourish to your artwork, creating an entirely new way to think about bringing our breathtaking artwork of New York into the places you live and work.

Getting your print mounted on either bamboo or birch backing is easy. When ordering on, under Print type select Metallic paper and under Artwork mounting select Bamboo or Birch. Both wood backings provide a warm, handsome tone for your office or home.

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