New York Artworks Mounted on Aluminum

New York artworks mounted on aluminum

No matter what your interior, you want your artwork to match. Not only should the image fit the space, but how the image is mounted and framed (or not framed) matters. That’s why offers most of our fantastic paintings and photographs of New York as prints mounted on aluminum.

Now, it’s important to note that we also allow you to purchase New York artworks printed directly on metal — but in this article we are talking about metallic paper prints mounted on an aluminum backer.

While printing directly on metal is a wonderful choice in its own right, many people prefer paper prints. And so aluminum mounting makes for a great middle way. The metallic paper we use has a great shine and shows an incredible amount of detail — with true blacks, whites that pop, and colors that sing.

There are many reasons to have your print mounted on aluminum, including:

  • durable material;
  • sleek profile;
  • frameless presentation;
  • lightweight;
  • paper print.

Mounting on an aluminum backing is a growing trend in galleries as well, with professional photographers in particular choosing it more and more — so it’s also a great way to be ahead of the trend.

Sleek Presentation

Our aluminum mounted prints all begin with metallic paper. Metallic paper is renowned for its ability to capture a wide color range and impressive detail resolution. The paper also captures the light, giving your work a dazzling sheen.

New York artworks mounted on aluminum

Because the reproduction is printed on metallic paper rather than the metal itself, you retain a lot of the benefits of our archival quality inks. While it will need to be protected from UV ray exposure, your print will look tremendous for generations if handled correctly.

Once the print is finished, it’s mounted onto a sleek ⅛” sheet of pre-cut raw aluminum by expert craftsmen. This metal backer makes for a super-durable print that can withstand a lot — giving you peace of mind when you handle the work.

To finish the process, a kiln dried douglas fir wood and hanging wire are attached, with a drywall hook included. That way, you can immediately hang your work of art once it arrives.

Even with the added float from the wall for hanging equipment, our aluminum mounted prints keep very close to the wall. This modern presentation requires no framing or glass, making them light to the touch and clean to the eye.

New York artworks mounted on aluminum, back view
What Makes New York Artworks Mounted on Aluminum So Special

Aluminum mounted prints deliver our beautiful New York artwork in an attractive, modern design. The sleek profile, high detail, durability, clean finish, and modern look all combine to make a great art experience.

All of our prints are created and handled by in-house experts and our trusted partners, ensuring every print is a perfect reproduction. It’s part of our commitment to our world-class collection and our wonderful customers.

If you’d like to have any New York artwork mounted on aluminum, it’s easy. On a product page under Print type select Metallic paper and under Artwork mounting select Aluminum. You can now enjoy artwork from our artists in a modern presentation that will deliver a perfect image for generations.

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