New York Artworks Face Mounted to Acrylic

New York Artworks Face Mounted to Acrylic

Some New York artwork calls out for that extra shine and pop, that dazzling clarity that makes you stop in your tracks and look again. Our acrylic mounting brings that mouth watering, high definition pop to our fantastic fine art painting and photography prints.

Available for almost all of our work, prints face mounted to acrylic are some of the most impressive pieces of art you can hang in your home or office. Together with metallic paper, these prints give you:

  • incredible detail;
  • rich color;
  • reduced glare;
  • glow (when lit from overhead);
  • lightweight;
  • durability;
  • modern, frameless display.

Those are the benefits in a nutshell. But let’s dive deeper into prints face mounted to acrylic. We’ll see how it is constructed and why it makes such an impression.

New York Artworks Face Mounted under Acrylic
Gallery Quality Mounting

It all begins by printing the image on metallic paper. Metallic paper is the perfect surface for high detailed work with a wide color range. The paper’s ability to shine and capture the light gives the images a vibrant quality you can’t get with anything else.

The print is then reverse-mounted onto ⅛” thick acrylic glass. Unlike traditional glass, acrylic refracts light that passes through it. When combined with the reflective surface of the metallic paper, the print appears to glow when lit — especially with overhead lighting.

New York Artworks Face Mounted under Plexiglas

The acrylic also provides UV light protection, keeping your artwork looking brand new by reducing color fading and yellowing. Plus, acrylic weighs about half as much as glass, is more resilient, and because it refracts light, eliminates glare.

After the acrylic is applied to the front, the print is given a solid dibond backer, protecting the paper. This dibond backer is made of two aluminum layers with a polyethylene core.

Last, but not least, a float and hanging system is attached. This is made using kiln dried douglas fir wood and hanging wire, with a drywall hook included. That’s right — our face mounted acrylic prints come ready to hang. And because the materials are so durable, light, and UV resistant, your hanging options are wide open.

New York Artworks Face Mounted under Plexiglas, Back View
Why Prints Face Mounted to Acrylic are a Great Option

When you want a fine art print of a high detail work with a wide range of colors, you can’t go wrong with a metallic paper face mounted to acrylic. The materials and process are handled and carried out by expert craftsmen, and the end result is stunning.

Getting the best artwork focused on the five boroughs in this impressive display is simple. When ordering, under Print type select Metallic paper and under Artwork mounting select Acrylic, then select desired artwork Size. You’re now on your way to having a perfect reproduction print on a material that will last, presented with the jaw dropping clarity and glow of an acrylic mount.

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