Gapstow Bridge

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This night-time photograph captures Central Park’s romantic Gapstow Bridge, nestled between snow-lined trees during a New York winter. In the background, the city that never sleeps glitters with relentless energy, in contrast with the calm, icy lake in the foreground. The photo’s muted colors evoke a mystery: this is a private secret you will always share with the greatest city in the world.

Russ Bach

Russ Bach is a fine art photographer whose lens is always focused on those moments in urban life that speak to our shared human experience.

After meeting Alex Leykin in 1998, he began to develop his own style influenced by the classical composition and elegant, yet precise black-and-white photography of his mentor.

Since 2008, he has expanded his work, taking photos of New York and other great cities of the world.

Mike J,

Looks Great

Brought color to an otherwise white room. Thanks

Diana Joe,

Majestic Photo!

This photo Gapstow Bridge by Russ Bach is my absolute favorite! The photographer caught an amazing moment and I am grateful to him for waiting for the right moment. Thank you so much for you great service and attention!

Klarissa D.,

New York City is absolutely beautiful!

OMG great photography! Perfectly conveys the mood of a magical Christmas night in Central Park. I'm mesmerized by this photograph. I bought this photo size 30"×12" for my living room and I'm very pleased with the purchase. Thanks to creative photographer Russ Bach. I highly recommend this photo!

Ronnie Sh.,

Stunning Photography!

Very pleased with the purchase. It is good sized (I bought 30"×12") and the photo was way better looking than I expected.

Kenny J,

Nice view.

Fills its place on the wall beautifully. Great Quality.

John Weir.,

Great deal.

The Gapstow Bridge by Russ Bach very beautiful photography. It was very easy to hang. So far, I have had no problems and I highly recommend it to anyone who would like to buy one.

Derek Sanders,

I love this photographer.

This is my second purchase on nyart and I'm sure I'll be ordering more! I am a big fan of classical art photography, and the works of Russ Bach are made according to all the canons of classical photography. Would definitely recommend.

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