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A unique style black and white film photograph of Times Square. The photograph was taken with a fish-eye camera lens, giving the photo the stand-out spherical effect. It makes the scene of the pedestrians walking across Times Square and Broadway look as if it’s entrapped in a perfectly round, polished ball.

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Times Square Broadway

Alex Leykin

Alex Leykin (1947 - 2016) was an Ukrainian-American photographer, who rose to prominence thanks to his urban photographs of New York City.

His photographs of New York are an embodiment of the love he felt toward the Big Apple. Alex’s photographs capture not only the unique horizons and trademark sights of New York, but also transmit the energy and poetry of the diverse landscapes.

Alex Leykin focused on geometric architectural compositions of New York City. His images of the Twin Towers, Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square are some of his best-selling artworks.

Ron Valencia,

Incredible Photo!

The whole of New York is in just one photo! This is amazing photo that requires no explanation, as NYC is always recognizable. Thanks for the idea to the photographer.


Magnifique photography!

It's a great space filler for my bathroom. My bathroom white with dark gray accents, and this photo fit right in. It’s a good size and looks pretty. It’s worth the purchase.

Nathan and Sam Kr.,

I need a bigger size!

Love it! We moved to Texas and miss NY very much. This wonderful job makes us happy and reminds us of the best years that my wife and I had in NY. We ordered this photo on metallic paper 24" × 24" size but I definitely need a bigger size!

Sanches B.,

Broadway at home

I love Times Square. Everyone should see Times Square at least once in their life.


Just Wow!

This is much good than I expected. Very pretty, GREAT quality, beautiful photo of Times Square! Matches my home office perfectly - I'm so glad I ordered this. Very, very nice quality and service. Thanks.

Nora Banks.,

Photo for my Guest Room.

Got this for the guest room. I intend to paint an accent wall that matches one of the gray hues in this photography. I bought it on size 24" × 24" (I think that it is a perfect size for the space).

Jeremy D. Maclin,

Beautiful Big Apple!

I love the colors and it’s perfect for size above sofa. Great deal and great photo! Thanks.

Roonie R.S.,

New York vibe

This is truly a great photo! Great idea and quality, that just pop. I would highly recommend.

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