Brooklyn Bridge

Original medium: Film photography


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The downtown Manhattan skyline featuring the Brooklyn Bridge stretching over the glossy waters of the East River in the foreground captured in a black and white photograph. The landscape horizon provides the unforgettable and legendary World Trade Center, known as the Twin Towers, as well as the Woolworth building nearby.

Alex Leykin

Alex Leykin (1947 - 2016) was an Ukrainian-American photographer, who rose to prominence thanks to his urban photographs of New York City.

His photographs of New York are an embodiment of the love he felt toward the Big Apple. Alex’s photographs capture not only the unique horizons and trademark sights of New York, but also transmit the energy and poetry of the diverse landscapes.

Alex Leykin focused on geometric architectural compositions of New York City. His images of the Twin Towers, Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square are some of his best-selling artworks.

Sabina Tuk,


The serenity I feel when I look at this photography is surreal. I've been shopping at for couple of years and I'm never disappointed.

Vaughn M.L.,

Brooklyn Bridge is my childhood.

For me, this is not a simple photograph. This is my childhood. I grew up a long time ago and left NY, but this photo provides a great opportunity to look back (for me, definitely). I have hung this photo in my office and am very pleased with the quality. Thanks.

Teona Q.,

Dramatic photo.

I'm very happy with this print. It’s good quality and looks great too.

Stefanio Di Baz,

Black and white NYC.

I'm a big fan of black and white photography. This is a classic and will always be appropriate, both in the home and in the office.
The dramatic clouds are especially delightful in this photo! Many thanks to the photographer.

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