September 11th

Original medium: Watercolors on paper


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A powerful watercolor painting of the tragedy of September 11th. The firefighters and construction workers pictured are putting up the American flag in place of where the Twin Towers stood just earlier. They are surrounded by rubble and the remaining wreckage of the awful incident.

Roustam Nour

Roustam Nour is a Russian born artist. He graduated from the Collage of Art in Tatarstan, and mastered his professional skills at the Moscow State University Art and Technical Design department.

Since immigrating to the USA in 1991, he has been living in New York City and creating artworks devoted to its unforgettable landmarks. New York Times and German magazine, Stern, dedicated articles to Roustam's life and his artistic style. He participated in multiple national and international art exhibitions including Art Expo New York.


I’m obsessed

I bought a watercolor painting of September 11th made as a virtual tribute to 9/11. Great quality and fast shipping. Also, the seller is amazing and genuinely cares about the customers. I will be buying from this website again.

Al Gibbs,

Unforgettable and memorable 911

As inspiring as the picture of USS Arizona memorial, a reminder to us that lived through that day, and to those who came after - NEVER FORGET the price of freedom.

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