Statue of Liberty

Original medium: Oil on canvas


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A striking oil painting of the world-renowned Statue of Liberty, done with such detailed precision that each individual brushstroke of oil paint can be easily spotted. White, wispy clouds frame the statue as the sun shines down from above, with distinct rays of light hitting the statue.

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Statue of Liberty

Max Lanchak

Max Lanchak finds inspiration in breath-taking city landscapes. In his technique, clear lines are combined with spontaneous expression. Sunlight and air, mild and warm colors are something everyone could always find in his works, which are done in oil or pastel.

Since 1997, Max Lanchak has been a member of the Russian Artists Union under the patronage of UNESCO. His artistic trips abroad - to the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, USA - inspired him to include the atmosphere of the beautiful architecture and landscapes of European and American cities into his works. After his long trips to New York in 1998-2011, he made many interesting compositions of that city.

Presently, the works by Max Lanchak are in private collections all over the world in the more than 50 countries.


Wow, the premium print on canvas is amazing!

I bought the premium print on canvas "Statue of Liberty" in size 24" × 36" the big size! I’ve never seen a premium print on canvas before and the colors are amazingly vibrant for a large size!

Jay B.C.,

Great buy!

Print quality is amazing. I paid almost double the price for the other website, and other artists, but for nyart the best prices and quality in my opinion. I could not be happier.

Ranganath B.T.,

I love it!

This oil painting is a wonderful reminder of our big holiday - Independence Day! I love the appearance of the firecrackers during the 4th of July next to the Statue of Liberty. Thanks.

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