Freedom Tower

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This digital oil painting captures a vision of New York City. In the foreground, the immediately recognizable arches of the Brooklyn Bridge ground the Downtown skyline. The city’s bright lights throw dazzling neon reflections across the East River, giving the painting a jubilant touch. And above it all, the spire of the Freedom Tower soars defiantly into the dark sky. The message is clear: nothing can crush New York City’s spirit.

Natalia Shutkina

Natalia Shutkina is a digital artist from Siberia. Her work evokes both the reality of fantasy worlds and the fantasy of real places. She draws inspiration from theater, cinema, literature, nature, travel and art. Shutkina’s style is defined by her use of vibrant colors, realistic details and cozy atmosphere. She received her education from the Institute of Arts in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Melissa Swonsen, | Verified purchase

We like it

I acquired this print as a gift. The quality is decent and very neatly done. Hope my friends will appreciate this gift.

MK, | Verified purchase

Bright colors

I was surprised by its quality and it now hangs nicely on my wall.

Greg, | Verified purchase

Beautiful. Thanks.

I love the picture, its waaay bigger than I thought it was. I haven't hung it up just yet but the picture quality is nice and im excited to hang it up on my empty wall lol

KM, | Verified purchase

Perfect size.

I bought the 36" × 24" canvas of this painting and it's absolutely stunning! Absolutely perfect for my living room.

Amadeo, | Verified purchase

Gift for my friend.

I have an apartment overlooking the Freedom Tower and bought this painting as a gift for my friend of mine who was staying with me. This print on canvas will definitely remind him of our great time! My friend is grateful for this great gift and the quality of the painting. Thanks a lot!

Malcovich, | Verified purchase


Good quality and on time delivery. No additional comments.

brendon, | Verified purchase

i liked it!

it came out nice and was everything i ever dreamed of!

Nina Hez., | Verified purchase

Vibrant painting.

Great worked! I used it as a focal point in my guest room with other paintings.

Rene Berk, | Verified purchase

Love the colors

My bright room was completely transformed after I added this painting. I am very pleased with the result because I'm an extremely picky customer.

Sherryl, | Verified purchase

Beautiful & great quality!

I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I really like this print on canvas. I find it very bright and stunning.

Tania Richardson, | Verified purchase

Very nice stuff on this site!

Whatever I say, it won't be enough. This gorgeous Freedom Tower canvas painting is simply amazing!!! It's of high quality with well-defined imagery and vivid colors. This is the perfect piece to complete any space.

Christopher Pruitt, | Verified purchase

Metal prints are great

I bought a metal print of Freedom Tower. It turned out awesome. The image quality is better than I thought it could be on metal and its so nice to have a print I don’t have to worry about. I’ll definitely be buying more prints.

richie, | Verified purchase


love the painting!

Tara T.M., | Verified purchase

Fantastic Service and Nice Quality!

Wanted a large canvas for my huge office this painting fits perfectly into my space. I love it and while it is a print on canvas it also has actual raised paint strokes. Perfectly over my work chair.

Heidi Bloom, | Verified purchase

Good painting.

The colors are very rich and beautiful. I’m very pleased with the purchase. It's flawless. The packaging is extremely neat and thoughtful.

Sara, | Verified purchase

Love love love

Love this Freedom Tower painting. So beautiful! Thanks for the fast shipping - great painting!

Sabina Co., | Verified purchase

Happy shopper.

I didn't expect it to be SO beautiful!!! There is a feeling that this is a 3D painting, it seems that some elements in the print are 3D effect lol
The glare on the water is fantastically natural and seems to shimmer. I'm incredibly pleased with this professional quality!

Jayden Epps, | Verified purchase


Just Wow! It was a gift to my friend. My gift turned out beautiful. My friend and I are very happy with this picture. Will definitely order more.

Harry P, | Verified purchase

Beautiful painting!

We love this painting! It's great and arrived quickly. The packaging was good as well.

Jill Zucker, | Verified purchase

Great for the price!

I'm so impressed with the value for the price. I get compliments on it all the time, I would definitely recommend to anyone.

Tristan, | Verified purchase

A vivid picture.

This is exactly what I was looking for for my cafe. Great picture. Rich and vivid colors.

Nixon, | Verified purchase

Amazing product.

I bought this picture to add some color and interest to my guests room. Vibrant colors and great quality. I love it!

Rebekah J., | Verified purchase


Excellent picture! Value exceeds price paid. Looks great framed.

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