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Gapstow Bridge

This night-time photograph captures Central Park’s romantic Gapstow Bridge, nestled between snow-lined trees during a New York winter. In the background, the city that never sleeps glitters with relentless energy, in contrast with the calm, icy lake in the foreground. The photo’s muted colors evoke a mystery: this is a private secret you will always share with the greatest city in the world.
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Other New York artworks

nyArt.com offers long-lasting memories of New York, available in a variety of shapes and sizes: from color and black and white photographs, to watercolor and oil paintings.

The very name of New York evokes images of the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building,

New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street, Chrysler Building, Times Square, Broadway shows, Madison Square Garden, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Fifth Avenue, Museum of Natural History, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Grand Central Terminal, Rockefeller Center,

art galleries, and unforgettable faces, as exotic as they are familiar.

Always transforming itself, New York City is the city of romance and renewal. It’s the city of academic excellence, international politics, emerging and popular artists,

and world famous museums and attractions.

You can buy New York artworks on our site to decorate your home, office. nyArt.com provides tools to help you find matching mats for the artwork you like, and choose the perfect frame.